Naturally-blond Solomon Island children.

Naturally-blond Solomon Island children.

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  1. My mum is from the Solomon islands. When she’s in the sun for extended periods of time, her hair turns red.

    Edit: My mum’s hair is jet black, and it turns into a reddish/orange color. My sister’s hair is brown and turns blonde. I have black hair… and it stays black all the time. You should see my ‘white’ cousin’s. Theyre half-scottish/half-solomons, and all 3 are different skin tones, hair color, eye color and hair type. Genetics is quite interesting!

  2. Looked into it and found some interesting information:

    The rare blond hair occurs in 5-10 percent of the population, about the same as in ~~many northern~~ some European countries.

    Genetic research found that the blond hair comes from a different gene variant than found in Europeans. (i.e. separate evolution, not a crossover from explorers.)

  3. This reminds me of my childhood 😀 Going to school in Australia, they’d often be a few families from PNG at school with us and a couple of kids would have the blond hair, it pops up in Torres Straight and Aboriginal people as well. If you take a strand and compare it to causcasian blond hair it’s not the same, the tones are different and at it’s lightest it’s not platinum it’s like a frosty golden colour and if u bleach or dye it it behaves differently to caucasian blond. It was also common to see kids with this hair colour that naturally had ringlets like a victorian china doll. I always wanted their hair. Usually it darkens with age, with most people I know it turns black basically but now and then u get someone where it stopped darkening at this honey/varnish colour, very pretty.

  4. Hallo pikinini! I spent 4 months peacekeeping in Solomon Islands, the kids are the best, can’t help but put a smile on my face.

    One of my favourite things was the albino bloke who lived in Honiara. He was pretty poor and stole often, which was pretty stupid as he’s the only albino bloke anf therefor stands out like a sore thumb.

  5. In the Solomon Islands some native people also have naturally occurring vivid blue eyes that are the result of an entirely different gene mutation than the European blue. 🌈the more you know~!

    [This guy on YouTube collected a bunch of pictures of people from the Solomon Islands in a slideshow (warning-loud music. I personally muted it.)](

  6. This reminds me of how surprised I was to learn there are non white redheads, like some people from Pakistan and probably a couple other countries who are clearly not Caucasian but rock red hair and freckles. I like having my expectations subverted about stuff like this.

  7. What they look like as adults? I’ve only ever seen these photos but with young children. Do the adults end up dying their hair dark because they get looked at too much?

  8. I wish I could share a pic but my friends two kids are both blue eyed blonde Thursday island babies. Just perfection! Hair like ringlets too. Their mums hair really tight curls and dark. Its not super rare where I grew up in Australia having so many islanders. Sorry edit to south sea islanders not TI.

  9. I’ve seen Aboriginal Australian kids with blue eyes, and according to their parents, there’s *no* Western genes in there at all. Honestly it’s so beautiful. Their eyes are bluer than anyone else I’ve ever seen, and their skin is so dark, the contrast almost looks like when you can see animals eyes in the dead of night (on nature documentaries – I’ve never seen such animals myself). Piercing. I had a pic of them, but it wasn’t too quality. Honestly wish I had a proper camera to capture it, coz they’re so amazing.

    I’ve probably gone on too long here

Naturally-blond Solomon Island children.

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