For 20 years I have been overweight since day one , I finally joined a gym , wish me luck

For 20 years I have been overweight since day one , I finally joined a gym , wish me luck

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  1. Cool, man. But seriously don’t tell anyone else you are working out until a few months have passed. Studies have shown telling people you’re starting/going to workout gives you the feeling of accomplishment making you less likely to actually go through with it.

  2. Word of advice, you can spend 3 hours a day in the gym but if you don’t change your eating habit. You won’t lose any weight. #thestruggleisreal

  3. Subscribe to /r/loseit and stop spamming /r/pics.

    Here are some other resources if you *actually* want to lose weight and not just karma-whore:

    * Figure out how many calories you should be eating with [this TDEE calculator.](
    * Track your calories with[ MyFitnessPal.](
    * Hold yourself accountable financially by betting on yourself to lose weight with [HealthyWage.]( You can win money!
    * Stop spamming /r/pics with your shitty selfies.

    These are the resources I used and I’m down 25 pounds so far. Less than 10 from my goal weight. Do it for yourself, not others. Posting shit like this to /r/pics is setting yourself up for failure, since, as others have pointed out, you are getting instant gratification without putting in the work. Real weight loss requires lifestyle changes that are long-term, slow, and hard-won.

    You can do it, OP, but for the love of God, get off of /r/pics with this nonsense.

  4. What? This is literally a progress pic with no progress. Has the bar stooped this low that I could post a selfie of myself and say “i’m thinking on going on a diet by eating this salad. Wish me luck!” This sub manages to dissapoint me even more than usual.

  5. Some studies suggest that the instant gratification you receive from telling other people about your resolutions makes you *less* likely to actually following them, since you already got the feeling of accomplishment without putting in the work.

    So I better fucking see you post an update a year from now showing that that’s bullshit and you’ve made some real progress.

  6. This sub has gone to such shit that we have now gone from workout pics to pics of people THINKING about working out. Are you fucking kidding me /r/pics?

  7. Who cares dude everyone signs up for the gym the difficult part is staying disciplined and going every day. This is nothing special. This shit belongs on Facebook.

  8. Dude. Post your pic once you’ve lost weight. So far you have not achieved anything and the sudden confirmation from strangers might lead to you not doing anything.

  9. best of luck. and even if you fuck up and miss the gym many days in a row, just don’t give up. Because, it’ll happen. Life happens and it often gets in the way.

    Keep returning to that gym. You owe us a post again on July 7th 2019.

  10. There’s a good LPT to not reward yourself with posting about going to the gym as an accomplishment since the positive feedback you get sort of short circuits your brain into getting the benefits without actually having achieved results. Id say keep this to yourself and let the compliments come naturally so you don’t undercut your own motivation. Also, this isn’t facebook.

  11. The gym should only be a small part of your weight loss. The absolute, most critical part, is changing your eating habits. Not temporarily, but forever. The best way to do this is to stop eating out, and to start cooking for yourself. It’s a lot harder to overeat when you have to make food yourself, because us humans are lazy.

    Also, be careful. I can’t tell how overweight you are, but if you are really overweight try not to overdo yourself. Pace yourself. It will be very, very hard at the beginning, but make small, incremental steps.

  12. What are we celebrating exactly? Joining is the easiest part it’s not even a step, lose some weight and then come post a boring ass pic of your progress.

  13. Why are you trying to get approval before you achieve your goal? You’ll just get a false sense of accomplishment before you accomplish anything.

    Lose the weight and then post in the appropriate sub.

  14. What’s next human breathes oxygen 70k upvotes

    Good work you joined a gym, so has millions of other people, this is something you post to Facebook not reddit

  15. You’re not gonna make it because you’re already treating getting a gym membership like something worthy of praise. It’s not, you’re still a fat fuck. Maybe post progress pics when you actually do something.

For 20 years I have been overweight since day one , I finally joined a gym , wish me luck

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