A warm welcome in Seattle

A warm welcome in Seattle

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  1. See stuff like this all the time on car forums. Were you:

    Outside of the lines?

    Too close to another vehicle?

    Taking up 2 spaces?

    Over the front lines in to the forward space?

    Boxed someone in parking at odd angle?

    Simply dared to park a car next to someone that wanted 12 spaces to themselves?

    I’ve seen all manner of things get this type of response. I had a guy yell at me once, because I took his spot by simply pulling in before him… as he was behind me, in line…

  2. One time my girlfriend parked in the only spot left in between two cars that were parked diagonally on part of the lines, making her park slightly askew as well. When we got back to the car, one of the cars was gone and a new one in it’s place as well as a note about how she needed to learn how to park and was an asshole. Top notch.

  3. If you parked like a dick I’d consider this note quite civilized. He probably didn’t really do it, but you had to take it seriously. Quite exquisite if you ask me.

    Now, wipe off your hands and your door handle with an anti-bacterial wipe, and don’t park like a dick any more.

  4. I’ve never had a note on my car or house in my entire lifetime of almost 40 years. I’ve never seen a note left on another car or another home/apartment.

    When I joined Reddit a few years ago I was very surprised at how many people find quirky notes. Redditors find notes almost every day

    I’m just not sure how this can be. Maybe someone can help explain.

  5. Yo don’t T-bag a door handle, that’ll possible get you arrested if a cop sees your bag of infinite pleasures dangling out of your magic keepers.

    Instead use chapstick on the door handle. It’s quick, safe, and keeps you from ultimately being on a list.

  6. At first I thought it read “you dark like shit,” and wondered why someone undergoing racist harassment would post that on funny. Then I noticed OP’s hands, and realized what it actually read.

  7. Well parking is at a premium right now . One must park with class and poise. Anything less leaves you open for terrible retribution. Good news, weed is legal so that makes up for everything right?

A warm welcome in Seattle

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