After gaining back 75% the weight I had previously lost, I lost all hope. Just this past year I refound hope, motivation, and gained discipline to lose 115 pounds.

After gaining back 75% the weight I had previously lost, I lost all hope. Just this past year I refound hope, motivation, and gained discipline to lose 115 pounds.

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  1. Hello,

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  2. I hope you’re really proud of yourself, that must have taken a lot of discipline. You’ll go far in life with that sort of determination and ability to pick yourself up and try again. Well done.

  3. how much time did it take??i am also looking to do the same…. currently i am a fat guy who is always bullied everywhere.I have learned a few exercises from youtube and reduced my diet.Hope i will be fit some day…..just like you.

  4. I find it so interred how people’s chins end up actually looking after the fat is gone.

    If you don’t dress up as the Crimson Chin one of these days, I’m going to be severely disappointed.

  5. Great work. Was there a defining moment to get back on track? I’ve put all my weight back on after having slimmed down for a few years, I really would love to find my motivation again but just can’t.

  6. Great work. I’m pretty much in the same scenario. Previously list 150 lbs and have slowly put about 100 back on after having a desk for a few years. Down about 30 in the last 45 days and just getting back into weight training.

    Congrats and good job!

  7. Can you share with me what you did? I just restarted down this road and I’m looking for advice so that I can once and for all not give up on weight loss.

  8. Everyone commenting on your chin is just jealous you can crush an elephant’s skull with your biteforce and that the Crimson Chin is your dad.

    Real talk, you look great dude! Keep up the hard work and start slaying with that jawline.

  9. This is amazing dude! I’m glad you started young, when you get older it gets a lot harder. Just stay motivated, be progressive, always tell yourself that you are good enough. Props my dude.

  10. Good job man! Stay disciplined! It gets harder the older you get but if you learn how to get to that place you know what you need to do to get back there even if you slip up again.

    EDIT: didn’t mean for that to come out harsh just more like allow yourself some grace through life and stay determined.

  11. Hey I don’t want to spread hate or anything, but this photo looks genuinely photoshopped in the last picture, maybe the penultimate as well.

    Notice the change in skin tone on the forehead, the face doesn’t seem to fit the head. Around the neck area it seems blended. I’m not an expert but it’s what it looks like to me.

  12. Good work. I just lost 70 lbs myself. It’s a constant struggle. Especially if you had childhood obesity. Many people don’t realize that adipose cells are still dividing in childhood while they maintain a steady number in adulthood. That’s why as an adult who was an obese child it’s constant work to keep the weight off.

  13. Good work dude. Remember it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Although one you get down enough you don’t have to eat at a deficit anymore, which is nice

  14. Well done; you deserve to be very pleased. Hang in there. But as my doctor once said to me – understand that, for better or worse, you need to find a way of making permanent changes if you want to keep it off; otherwise, it will all just creep back on again sooner or later.

    [I was overweight for most of my working life. I had the willpower to lose weight easily enough – I must have slimmed down to a decent weight half a dozen times – but I always lost focus in the end, and it always came back. Everyone is different, but the things that finally made the difference for me (I’ve been more or less the same weight – 160lb, give or take – now for about 5 years) were (1) I stopped drinking (huge amounts of waste calories in alcohol); (2) I went vegetarian bordering on vegan (I can stuff my face on fruit and veg and feel full and still not blow a reasonable calorie intake limit); (3) I started intermittent fasting (5/2 diet); (4) I started hitting the gym fairly regularly. The first was, frankly, because I realised I was becoming a functioning alcoholic, and I was going to do myself serious damage if I carried on; the second a purely personal, if rather wishy-washy moral choice (I don’t like killing things, and I refuse to let someone else do the dirty work on my behalf); the third a health thing (there’s a big body of evidence that it has significant and varied health benefits); the fourth similarly (I had a particular health problem that my doctor suggested would be helped if I got a little more cardio into my life; so now I hit the gym on the fasting days, and the two neatly reinforce each other).

    [And none of those will be right for everyone. But my very best wishes on finding thing(s) that work for you.]

  15. As a relatively fit guy who goes to the gym every day, Keep this up. Most people I workout with are “intimidated” by me because of my physique, but I’m 1000x more inspired by guys like you getting in the gym and making a change in their lives, than guys like me.

    Just remember that you inspire us, and should never give that up!

  16. You da man! I hate how overweight people are the ones most gawked at in the gym. We look at them in society thinking “god they need to work out” then make them feel like aliens in the gym. Makes no sense. True respect to you sir.

  17. I lost about 70 and have gained back 40. My clothes are tight and I hate it. This. Right. Here. You are AWESOME. Congratulations and thank YOU for the inspiration.

After gaining back 75% the weight I had previously lost, I lost all hope. Just this past year I refound hope, motivation, and gained discipline to lose 115 pounds.

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