Anthony Bourdain fans turned the restaurant where he rose to fame as a chef into a memorial

Anthony Bourdain fans turned the restaurant where he rose to fame as a chef into a memorial

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  1. I wouldn’t say he rose to fame there, he rose to fame by writing Kitchen Confidential, which everyone in the industry should read if they haven’t already… awesome sight to see how many people he touched.

  2. Someone on reddit said this and I completely agree:

    “Bourdain’s death really bothers me for a specific reason. I think, like many people my age, I struggle with trying to find a vocation that gives me happiness. We’re Millennials, and we were raised with the idea that we could do whatever we wanted. So when reality hit like a truck, and we found ourselves working the same boring job that 99% of us were going to get, we found ourselves perpetually unsatisfied with our lives. That’s why so many of us struggle with depression.

    What I hear often is that the true way to happiness is to explore the world, to see culture, to meet people, and to grow that way as a person.

    That was literally Anthony Bourdain’s job. He got paid millions to travel the world, to see culture, to meet people, and to grow. And he killed himself.

    So what hope does that give to the rest of us?”

  3. My friends an I passed around KCon between each other when we were all in our early 20s and complete lunatics. All of us were industry. We all had substance abuse problems. We did lose some people along the way but this man. The way he lived and thought about others greatly affected us. Myself. I run a blooming cocktail program in a growing area. One friend. Owns a catering and brunch company. Another runs a kitchen with one of the best breweries in the midwest and is expanding his operation shortly. Without his words at that point I bet that we would not have strived to be better than we were. We learned to pride ourselves on our professions. Know that we weren’t just lost people in a shit job. All of us have pushed our area into other chapters. And I dare say that with out Bourdain. That may not have happened. I was wrecked when I heard the news. Sad in a way I had never felt over someone I never met personally. He was a guide for us. And Im going to keep getting better because of him. So now we try to be as good and better. To teach those coming up how to look at other peoples situations with understanding and compassion. And to make this profession better. Thanks for your Time here mate. Were going to miss you

  4. Dude this one really bummed me out. All deaths, regardless of how the person died, is in their own unique way sad. But this one, damn. Whatever happens after life I’d like to find him, give him a hug and share a beer before my adventure continues.

  5. I’m fighting a migraine this morning, and reading the negative and hurtful comments here is really making me sad.

    Who cares if you never met the guy; it’s abundantly clear from hearing other’s stories about Anthony that he had a huge impact on many people and he will be sorely missed. Don’t diminish that for others. Have respect for him, and respect for the people that he positively affected through his writing and through his shows and through his art of cooking.

  6. This has shaken me so much today not just because I’m a gigantic fan of his, admire him so much, and consider him a factor in shaping my worldview and attitude in so many ways how it is.

    It’s because it’s downright scary that you can live a life like the one he did and yet because somethings are messed up upstairs, you end up feeling like taking your life, and go through with it. Obviously he’s been upfront about demons and issues he’s had in the past, but this just still creeps me out- Anthony always had a morbid/fatalistic sense of humor but I never would have guessed he’d do it. It’s like a ticking time bomb that could go off in anyone at any time.

  7. I haven’t been this affected by the suicide of a celebrity since Kurt Cobain. Certainly none of us knew the real Tony – we just saw the character he portrayed. But through his works there were all of these glimpses of the real man that, taken in composite, makes it feels like we lost somebody we knew really well. I think that is why he is so adored and why this one hits so hard. He was a great writer and only became cooler / better looking with age. As sad as his loss makes me, I cannot help but overhear him narrating all of this explaining nonchalantly that, as Neil Young said, it is better to burn out than to fade away. He truly left us at the top of his game – the best version of himself. We will miss you Tony – your legacy will live on through your works.

  8. His career, family, and impact on others could never thwart the fact that mental and behavioral disorders do not discriminate.

    There also those who are facing the worst times of their lives, with no history of mental illness. Hopelessness can swallow someone up in a blink of an eye.

    It’s getting redundant, trying to figure out what went wrong; we should try to figure out what we can do for those on the edge of resigning their very existence.


  9. If you don’t have anything nice to say to people affected by an obviously emotionally upsetting and tragic end of a career, don’t say anything at all. It reflects poorly on you and you’re beginning to sound tacky. Hopefully you find whatever you need in life, and I can assure you that you won’t find it ragging on people in this thread.

  10. Some of the comments here are 4chan douche trash. Have some humanity.

    We all live our own tiny, little lives, and it’s impossible for us to fully perceive others’ pain. Just because some don’t agree with suicide doesn’t mean a goddamn thing. Tony was suffering, and I’m glad that’s over for him now, even if I — and so many others — would selfishly have loved to keep him here longer. It was his choice, and we have to respect it.

    I’ve never met Tony, obviously, but his media presence changed me. Since watching *Parts Unknown* and reading his opinion pieces, I’ve made a deliberate choice to try new things, eat local, ethnic foods when traveling, and to listen more when people talk.

  11. I’m sure I’m not the only chef who was inspired to become one by his books and No Reservations. The mental state of chefs is one of constant chaos. Maybe not all chefs, but many to be sure, suffer from depression. It’s grueling, hard, hot, painful work for little to no reward. We get paid shit and more often than not, we hear more people complain about our cooking than compliment it. Save for our friends and family. It’s borderline masochistic. Next time you dine out, and you have a meal that you enjoy, send compliments to the chef. You have no idea how much it brightens our day. Even our week. That one voice saying “You cooked a damn good meal” can be a life saver.

  12. I originally was going to comment on the papers that read “#END THE STIGMA” and how unnecessary it seemed to have posted that at a memorial. However, after reading some of the trash-tier comments towards the bottom of this comment thread, it’s clear that many still believe depression is a choice. It’s sad really.

  13. I like Bourdain he was straight up and gave no fucks. He look like I felt at 3am after downing 3 or 4 shot of 151 with no chaser. His guess often connected with him, he was genuine and a salt of the earth guy. He had vices and was a human being imperfect in his way, it made him relatable. If you are a true fan of his, dig into this “suicide”, I’m not buying that bullshit. He’s a lot of things but he was no quitter, he was a celeb but he embraced the people and seemed most comfortable smoking a cig, taking a shot and kicking it with the rest of us, miss you Toney you will always need no reservations.

Anthony Bourdain fans turned the restaurant where he rose to fame as a chef into a memorial

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