‘Raising Men Lawn Care’ is a group of young men in Alabama who mow the lawns of the elderly and handicapped people, free of charge.

‘Raising Men Lawn Care’ is a group of young men in Alabama who mow the lawns of the elderly and handicapped people, free of charge.

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  1. he’s such a great guy – he has traveled the country (this is the second year) to mow 50 lawns in 50 states, just graduated with a master’s degree in social work, does work with homeless people, is santa claus at christmas…i’ve been following his facebook for a couple of years. very wholesome.

  2. What a good group of people. Growing up, we had an elderly couple as neighbors. Their adult children lived across the country, so they couldn’t help out. The husband, Mr. Peterson, used to mow his lawn every week like clockwork. Then one day, he didn’t. The man was getting older and just couldn’t do it anymore. As was usual, my brother and I’s Saturday chores were to mow the lawn, edge, and sweep up the walkways/driveway afterward. However, one day, our dad added mowing Mr. Peterson’s lawn.

    Mr. Peterson at first said no, that he was going to get to it. We at first relented, but it went unmowed for another week. So, we mowed it despite his protests the next week and edged his lawn/swept his walkways, etc. We did this for a few weeks before he insisted he pay us $20 to do it (wow, we thought, that’s a lot of money!). Our dad, upon hearing this, collected our twenty dollars. We were a little upset about having that hard-earned money taken away, being young and a bit selfish. Then my dad explained that they were on a fixed income and that that $20 was too much for them to be paying us every week. So, his plan was to save that money for the next two years.

    At the end of that time, our dad told us the goal his plan. We bought Mr. Peterson a new riding lawn mower. He could not have been happier. The first time he mowed his lawn again, he was absolutely delighted–he couldn’t stop smiling. He mowed that lawn until the day he died (we continued to do the edging). I look back fondly on that. I feel like the experience and the altruistic ideals my dad instilled in us made me a better person. Of course, young me really wanted to use that money to go to movies, get a new baseball bat, etc.

    Edit: until the day he died, not the day he died

  3. Rodney Smith is a genuinely awesome man. I have followed him on Facebook for a while now and he really cares about people. Just posted showing his diploma for receiving a Masters in Social Work, and is a phenomenal role model for kids.

  4. I just edited a podcast for a client that featured the founder of Raising Men Lawn Care, Rodney Smith. I didn’t even do the interview and it’s just so clear that Rodney is the kind of guy who just sees a problem and then instantly wants to do something about it. That’s how Raising Men started and he does other selfless things, too. It’s really inspiring.


  5. For the past week everyday I come onto Reddit I get ad’s trying to get me to preorder Dark Souls on Nintendo Switch and posts about young black guys helping elderly white lady.

  6. This is south I know. This is the spirit I was raised around. So fucking tired of getting insulted by smug yuppies who know nothing about the kind of love in our communities.

‘Raising Men Lawn Care’ is a group of young men in Alabama who mow the lawns of the elderly and handicapped people, free of charge.

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