When I was 5 I gave my dad a ‘ring’made of a just keychain ring. 22 years later, and he’s still wearing it

When I was 5 I gave my dad a ‘ring’made of a just keychain ring. 22 years later, and he’s still wearing it

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  1. I went to a “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” with my dad when I was about 8. He had a small whiteboard next to his desk for keeping track of things. I drew a giant sunflower that took up the whole whiteboard.

    I didn’t get to come back again until I was 10 and he still had the sunflower. he had given up the use of his whiteboard for 2 years to keep my drawing up.

  2. That’s what you call a dad!
    I wear the thinnest silver, man’s bracelet you have ever seen, but my daughter bought it with her own money in her own free time. So it doesn’t ever come off.

  3. Dads do this. I’m still using a pencil holder made out of an orange juice can wrapped with green yarn that my son gave me when he was about eight. He’ll be 40 next year.

    Edit: RIP inbox. Lots of good dads and good kids ITT. Even if life threw you a curveball and you had a less than savory experience with your own father, these kinds of experiences can be had with any relationship that has meaning for you. May you all have at least one for which you would like to keep mementos for a lifetime.

    Edit 2: the pic https://imgur.com/IUXHAup

  4. Not a dad but my son “bought” me a string bracelet with tickets he won from video games at an arcade. It’s been 6 years and I still don’t know how it hasn’t broke yet. Its not even pink anymore, it’s a greyish white. I love it.

  5. My dad has the shirt I made him with a picture of us on it from like pre K. I’m 25 now. I remember the shirt well because I was traveling with my mom, I was like 4-5, and we had to do an emergency landing and I was having terrible sinus pressure issues so I was just sad and wanted to cry. I kept asking for my dad and when we finally got off the plane he was there in the shirt I made him

  6. I still have a small, smooth rock that my daughter gave me when she was 3. It’s the first thing she ever purposely “gave” to me (as a gift). She selectively sorted through a pile of them until she found that one. I will never lose that rock.

  7. I stole money from my dad’s wallet over 25 years ago. Felt super bad and wrote him an apology letter before he found out the money was missing. He still has it.

  8. My dad kept many of my preschool manual works I made for him. I found out while I was cleaning his room las September after he passed. I’m miss him so much.

  9. My now 32 year old daughter, left a pair of slip on shoes in my truck when she was 7. Those shoes have been in every glove compartment of every truck I have owned ever since. Only my wife knows this…

  10. these dad stories are getting me all choked up. my dad has every shot glass i ever bought him on the shelf in the bar he owns. my parents were divorced for years and any time my mom and i would go somewhere i would get a shotglass for dad.

  11. The other day I saw of my dad’s oldest watches in his drawer. The watch still has the first star I was given on my first day of preschool. I am turning 26 this year.

    I don’t think he wears the watch anymore but the star still remains.

  12. Yeah, I remember when I was a 5 year old, I made a drawing of my father. I’m 20 years old now, and everytime I go to his office, I see the same drawing which he has placed under the glass screen on his desk.

  13. I remember before my dad left for a deployment to the Middle East I gave him a rock. I must have been like 8, and gave a small unremarkable rock. He carried that in his pocket for the entirety of his deployment and it still sits on his desk to this day.

  14. 6 year old me slathered lime green paint and googly eyes on a rock and gave it to my dad. 16 years later, it’s still there proudly displayed on his workbench. Dads are the best.

  15. To you it’s ‘just a keyring,’ but to him it’s a cherished memory and a token of your love and affection for him. I used to think these type of things were silly until I had children of my own. My son recently gave me a Skylanders figurine because, ‘he’s so strong like you,’ and it’s sat on my desk at work ever since. When I move on from this job, so will the Skylander. It’s something I’ll probably never part with.

  16. I drew my dad a picture of a neopet (the cat one with the strange antennae) way back in the day. I cut it out and used packing tape to laminate it. He has kept it on the dashboard of every car he’s had since the day I gave it to him. He drives for a living so it has made a few moves. Every once in awhile I get a picture of it, usually around the time he gets a new car captioned with “still have this little guy”.

    My dad and I are not the closest. We’ve had our troubles… but that stupid little drawing is proof enough that he loves me.

    Edit: to add the last time I got a photo of [the little guy](http://imgur.com/LwMhmDa)

  17. My daughter was in kindergarten when she gave me a carabiner keychain for Christmas that year. It actually said “world’s best uncle” (hope there’s not another story I don’t know about) anyway I used it up until last year when the spring finally gave. She’s gonna be 19 in July.

  18. Even dads who grew up with the “be strong, show no feelings” culture have sentimental feelings deep down.

    In elementary school, I bought my dad a coffee mug with “I <3 my Daddy” written on it. 25-30 years later, after he died, I found the very same mug in his cabinet. Dads never stop loving you…

  19. When I was about 5 I made my Dad a box out of popsicle sticks to use for “important stuff.” He still uses it as the place to put his keys and wallet when he gets home.

  20. I never really made crafts for my dad but he has a newspaper article on his fridge from when I was 9 and the soccer MVP of the week. And a picture of me in kindergarten in his wallet.

    I’m 32.

  21. Little backstory.

    Was going to meet my wife and daughter for dinner after work. When I got close to the exit where we where meeting up I called and asked my daughter where they were. She named a store (don’t recall which one) and I said “What type of store is that?”

    She replied, “It’s a Chick Store.” I said, “Great, Buy me a chick.”

    Meet up with them at a Chinese place for dinner. My daughter had a huge smile on her face.

    We set down and she reaches over and puts a ‘chick’ on the table in front of me. One of those little yellow, wind-up hopping easter chicks. She had run into a Dollar General just to ‘buy me a chick’.

    The chick stayed on my truck’s dashboard until I bought a new one. The sun had bleached it white and the plastic bits crumbled to pieces.

    So, along with my new truck, I purchased a dozen of the same chicks from eBay, so I’d have spares.

    I’m on Chick #3 now, and my daughter is 28. Will always have one in my truck.

  22. I remember a couple of days after my dads funeral (he passed from aggressive lung cancer) my mom and I went to get my dads belongings at his old office. All of his coworkers would tell us that everyday he would talk about us, and how he was so proud of me and my brother. Being that we both finished college and fully support ourselves. I then walked into his office to clean and found all the old Christmas, valentines, Easter, birthday and ceramic arts and crafts stuff scattered all over his office that my brother and I made for our parents growing up. For years I always wondered where all that stuff went because my mom kept a cup and other little drawings but i always knew they would never throw that stuff out. OP thanks for sharing this, I miss my dad a lot <3

  23. That’s adorable. When I was around 10, I made my dad a little braided friendship bracelet in super manly colors of light pink, purple, and blue. He’s kept it in his wallet for the last almost-30 years.

  24. When I was a kid, I used to go to the beach to make clay pots. I would leave them out to dry and would paint them and put glitter on them. I put my creations in my family’s yard sale for 25 cents each. I went out for a bike ride and when I got home, my dad handed me some change and said they all sold. I was thrilled. 10 years later, I found out that my dad “bought” them so he could have them as keepsakes.

  25. That’s so cool! That’s how fathers show their love.

    When I was four years old I drew a silly little picture of me and my dad hugging each other and gave it to him. He was all smiles and so was I. I never saw that picture again until I was 12. My dad passed away of cancer and at the funeral each family member put a personal item in a little non descript box which was to be buried with my dad so that he’d remember us in the afterlife. It’s a tradition in our family. When I went up to put in my personal item I saw that my (now very faded) picture from eight years earlier was already in the box. I looked at my mom in surprise and she told me that dad had cherished the picture and kept it in his wallet. He asked my mom to make sure the picture was buried with him so that we would always be together.

    I cried of both sadness and happiness.

    This isn’t a sad story so don’t be upset. Thinking about my dad and how much he loved his family and how much my little scribbly art work meant to him gives me a warm feeling inside and makes me smile.

  26. When I was 8 I conspired with my mom to get scrap wood and nails from my dads wood shop. She helped me get the materials without him knowing (he knew) and supervised me while I struggled to hammer together the smallest, worst little shelf thing. I got it together after hours using the small hammer my dad gave me the same year. I wrote a happy birthday note and wrapped it and gave it to him for his birthday. To this day he has that hunk of scrap cedar with nails sticking out and a note pinned to it on his workbench, 3 house moves and 20 years later. He puts small things on it like old McDonald’s toys I gave him and stuff. I always cringe and smile when I see it. He has always been a ‘build it yourself’ kinda person who hand built almost everything from shelves to counters and tables to garages and sheds and even one of the 3 houses we lived in. He’s taught me how to be resourceful, about how to use and buy proper tools, and I hope one day to pass on what he’s taught me to my own child. Love ya dad, thanks for being you!

  27. I have a Haribo heart shaped sweet in my jewellery box. When my son was 3, he was given a tiny packet of Haribo at nursery school. He saved the last sweetie in the pack for me and presented it to me when I collected him. ‘Mummy I saved this for you! It’s a heart one ‘ cos I love you! ‘ he said, with the biggest smile. He wanted me to eat it, but I just couldn’t.

    He’s almost 13 now and that sweetie still looks like new, so god knows what preservatives they put in those things 😉 I’ll treasure it forever though.

  28. One paper I’ve kept in my car console for years, where I see it everyday is a Father’s Day fill-in-the-blank sheet from when my son was 8. He could answer all of the questions except for one: “I know my dad loves me because _________.”

    I was already feeling constantly aloof on my phone and short with him. I was so convicted seeing that I broke down in tears in the daycare parking lot. Fron that moment on I made certain he would never have to pause to think about answering that question.

  29. After my dad passed away I found a note in his wallet that I wrote to him when I was 5ish. He carried it every day with him for over 30 years.

    The note was on hello kitty note paper and it said “You are my best friend, I love you” Sort of… my hand writing was pretty bad when I was 5, but that was the jist.

  30. My dad is an avid reader. And by that I mean he sits on the john for an hour so he can read and when hes not having meetings with the porcilin throne his book sits on the tank waiting. When I was younger I’m sure it was an excuse to get away from my brother and I and get some quiet for a little bit. He has all kinds of books from when he was growing up. Scify and fantasy mostly, and he just rotates through them. I have never seen him ever buy a new book. Sometime in the first grade I think, I made him a bookmark with his name (spelled wrong) and my name on it with some other stuff, I don’t remember now. I was visiting them a few weeks ago for his birthday and when I went to the restroom, there sat his current book, with the bookmark I made him marking his page. Hes been using it for 15 years.

  31. When I was in elementary school, my younger brother and I picked out a plastic tarantula to give to our dad. He velcroed it on the dash of every car he ever owned. Now that they have both passed away the spider lives on my cars dashboard. It always meant so much to me that he kept that silly thing. Somehow it’s still black and red and hasn’t faded even though it’s been riding on dashboards for 20+ years

  32. My dad still has those shitty overpriced pictures from like the 3rd grade. But to be fair I still have this buzz lightyear blanket from when I was 3, when my dad carried me to the hospital on Christmas from dehydration. Lol. Good times.

  33. definately.. my workshop is littered on the walls and shelves with stuff my kids after they made it.

    Heck, a few thing my wife made that she tried to toss because she wasn’t satisfied with it. I don’t care, I’m proud of it all.

  34. When I was around 12 I bought my mother and my two sister three rings.they were so cheap. all three rings didn’t cost me more than 10 dollars but 15 years later and still they wear them.

When I was 5 I gave my dad a ‘ring’made of a just keychain ring. 22 years later, and he’s still wearing it

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