This is the coffee machine we use at work. I don’t think it’s very new…

This is the coffee machine we use at work. I don’t think it’s very new…

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  1. Almost exactly the same title as this Feb 02 post from Imgur:

    [I found this coffee maker stashed away at work. I don’t think it’s very new….](

    Different photo, but not convinced it’s not the same coffee machine. u/SleeveOfWizzard has deleted his account, so can’t check there to see if it’s the same.

  2. At my old Bakery we had a bun rounder with the “made in west- Germany ”

    I use to point to it when management said that we had the newest equipment in our area

  3. Well thank goodness the era of chinese-produced crap will ensure no one ever has to use an old machine that still works decades after you bought it because it wasn’t designed to wear out or break in two years.

  4. My office had 2 coffee makers. The first one was on the first floor w the engineers. It made one thing. A giant pot of dark French roast coffee and it’s was very old. The second floor with sales had one of those fancy Wolfgang puck flavor coffee machines. The amount of waste it created was ridiculous and the coffee was still not as good as the coffee the NOC engineers made. I always went to old faithful for my cup-o-joe vs the fancy machine.

  5. I have an old Norwegian bicycle from the 70’s which, weirdly, has a Sachs rear hub from West Germany and a Ruhla headlight from East Germany. Sort of a wholesome east-west relationship I suppose…

  6. Old Sunbeam appliances like this are durable as fuck. My dad has a toaster which we’re pretty sure is from about the 50’s and it still works perfectly, and it’s been used often.

  7. Reminds me of a pair of medical scissors i had ( i think it was jakobi) was made in west germany and is still very sharp! Too bad some assholes decided to steal from me in class and Im still kinda bummed out about it

  8. Man that line design is bringing back memories i can’t quite place. I know i’ve seen before but i was super young back then. That’s crazy. It’s like remembering a smell i haven’t smelled in decades and have no idea what it was at the time so i can’t associate with anything, but it’s still familiar.

  9. There is something very soothing to me about the aesthetics of this machine. It hits some nostalgia dopamine receptor even though I have never seen it before.

This is the coffee machine we use at work. I don’t think it’s very new…

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