Tomasz Komenda was in prison for 18 years due to a crime he did not even commit. Today he was declared innocent

Tomasz Komenda was in prison for 18 years due to a crime he did not even commit. Today he was declared innocent

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  1. [Here is the link to the full story](,3/uwaga-tomasz-komenda-myslalem-ze-mnie-zabija-w-kryminale,822545.html)

    *Summary for the lazy or non native folk*

    > He says that he was beaten and abused by other prisoners in the cell, because those with “such articles” like him “have no life”. Tomasz Komenda served 18 years of a 25-year sentence for rape and murder of a 15-year-old. He was released, because according to the prosecutor’s office he is innocent. – I am most happy that after 18 years I can hug a person I love very much – he said about his mother in a conversation with a reporter of magazines “Uwaga!” TVN and “Superwizjer”

  2. is he going to get anything for this? i mean he was denied 18 years of life advancement. he has no income and likely wasnt able to get that quality of an education. they basically fucked this guy royally.

  3. These comments regarding “compensation” crack me up. How much money is going to compensate for the time lost and the crap endured in prison.

    Maybe, there truly is no justice in this world…..

  4. As someone who was falsely arrested and harassed for a similar crime that I did not commit, this scares the fuck out of me. In my instance, the true guilty party had the same first/last name as me, but completely different middle name, ethnicity, birthdate, city location, job…you name it. The Sherrifs department basically did ZERO work. a SWAT team came and picked me up. SWAT…The lack of logic putting people behind bars is fucking insane. Cost me roughly 3 months of my life and $10,000 in legal fees to receive a ”sorry, my bad” from the DA.

  5. After serving 18 years of a 25 year sentence. That’s brutal. Even here (especially here?) in the US – it always bothers me that the prosecutor’s job isn’t to prove who did it, it is to make the court believe that the defendant in front of them did it.

  6. 18 years in prison. You have to wonder if someone can adjust back into normal life after that experience… I guess it depends on how awful it was for him. It’s crazy how many people have their lives permanently altered for the worse based on a false intel. Several wars come to mind there.

  7. This person is going to shut himself away from society as a whole. He could’ve been a valued member of it, he was quite able to keep any instincts and drives our society finds undesirable in check even when thrown in prison. Which is something i don’t know if i could do. After being imprisoned wrongly i might very well be serving prison time for a crime that i did commit.

    He could’ve contributed to society but now he most probably won’t because he’s going to acquire some sort of housing as far away from it all as he can possibly manage. Society has made it so that this part of it will be fleeing from it because that is what it looks like. Something to be scared of.

  8. Every time this happens the state needs to pay that person $10 million depending on the time wasted. Paid out over 25 years. That will help them spend the rest of their lives catching up, a little. As a taxpayer, I would be 100% fine with that.

  9. gj justice system for ruining the life of an innocent man.
    Known criminals running at large, judges in line with the criminals.

    The person who judged him 18 years in prison should get 18 years in prison.

  10. everytime this happens all i think about is how his life stopped 18 years ago then i think about how the family of the victim must feel as the person who was supposed to help give them some sense of justice didnt do their job at all and just found the easiest thing to up their conviction rate

  11. On one hand im happy that an innocent man is sey free.

    On the other hand im confused why someone would be sentenced to 25 years for a rape/murder.

    That sounds like grounds for a life sentence at least.

  12. Those two boys from the first episode of that Confession Tapes series are still in prison. It’s been over 20 years at this point right?

    Those poor fucking dudes are never getting out, despite the obvious facts of the case.

Tomasz Komenda was in prison for 18 years due to a crime he did not even commit. Today he was declared innocent

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