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For most of us diets are not effective, people switch from one diet to another, and sometimes they win and publish their “before-and-after” pictures, they are lucky. Congrats! Though they are just 3% of the people who struggle with fat. The other 97% do not post anything because their “after” never comes. But why?

The Crucial Secret of Fat is a book that discloses the most important secret of fat, it gives the freedom of nutrition and passive weight loss, it shows us new happy digits on the scales every morning, the secret is simple to understand and easy to apply.

The Crucial Secret of Fat method works because it is science based on biochemistry that explains cell processes including fat depositing. This simple and effective method is the key everybody should have.

The Secret of Fat is a powerful method disclosed in the book you may download right now, the method is easy to follow and it provides the only passive weight loss technique possible, the book explains the entire method and helps to apply it the easiest way.

You will get this extraordinary book of “The Crucial Secret of Fat”

plus three other excellently helpful books:


Science knows: for most people diets and exercises do not work, they just don’t help. The true solution is an automatic effect of weight loss given to us by Nature to save us from excessive weight. The solution is disclosed in the book, read it now and start losing weight today the automatic passive way. It really works, it’s simple, it’s amazing…

this offer includes 3 other books:

Read the first chapters right now!

What is the most effective way to get rid of excessive weight? We know many of them. Diets, exercises, slimming pills, raw food, sports. The problem is obvious, and solutions are well-known. But why are there so many “solutions”? And why so many people struggle with kilograms and pounds with no visible success? Well, the answer is also never a secret.

Most people do not have an exact picture of how fat processes work inside their bodies. What we are going to disclose in this book is the truth. And the truth is science. The science has all fat formulas, and the science deals with them. The big trouble is that this knowledge is too complicated and hard to explain because it was designed for professionals only.

Fortunately, we did it: instead of talking of large scientific books we will show you a Secret.

Of course, you are skeptic. You have heard of “magic” methods so many times before. You have read tons of promises to make you slim overnight with no effort at all. And no doubt, all those methods were FAKE. You do not believe them. Neither do we.

Well, the science says the following: “Fat depositing is one of the main functions of human body”. But why does the body do this to us? Why does it store pounds of fat everywhere inside? It piles loads of fat in the body damaging it. It’s cruel and not logical, right?

No, not right. Nature has logic, and she is never cruel. On the contrary, she is clever, and she wants us to be healthy. And happy. And alive. Of course, she knows what is going around, she notes that from time to time people die because of lack of food. Some years are rainy, other years are dry. Both the disasters lead to lack of food, people and animals have nothing to eat, and they perish because of that. They need stable reserves, they require food and energy. And the best way to keep food stocks safe is to store them right inside the bodies. And then no one would be able to steal that treasure. Nature always protects us from the food shortage that happens in bad years…

We know, you think we are crazy.

What “shortage”? What “lack of food”? Supermarkets are absolutely full of food of all sorts, they are everywhere, shops and stores are overloaded. Food is at every turn, it is 24/7 and cheap. Anyone can buy it one-click and have it day and night any time any quantity any place. In fact, we live in the ocean of food. It’s true. But. This ocean is young. It is just about 100 years old, or maybe 120. As maximum. We should not forget that rather recently, just one hundred twenty years ago, the main problem for 99% of people of this planet was food.

The nutrition revolution was a deal of the previous century, and even there it took some 50 years to be completed. People are accustomed to the food abundance now, and mostly they are sure that this plenitude was always before and it was eternal. However, the truth is that this is a very new situation. But Nature is not as fast. She doesn’t rush, she is slow, and her time is unlimited.

To Nature 120 years is just like 120 hours to us. Imagine, it happened 5 days ago. Imagine, 5 days ago we all were poor and hungry, and since the early childhood we looked for food, and food was our main hope, and we did our best to get food. Imagine that a week ago most of our time we starved, and we considered a good lunch as a gift of gods. We were always hungry. Then, 5 days ago, we got food. We got plenty of food, tons of it, mounts of it. We are full of the highest quality food now. Definitely, it is very good for us.

But should we throw away our reserves, supplies, and stockpiles? Should we get rid of the food we saved and accumulated so meticulously in our kitchens and cellars? Of course, not. And no doubt, we are happy to have the new food, though we got it just recently, 5 days ago, and we remember the bad times very well. There always were bad times, thousand of years of bad times, the times of starvation. So, despite the food overflow, we keep our stocks intact. Just in case…

This is the logic! This is how Nature understands the current situation. Yes, we are in the food ocean, but it is not typical yet. Lately life was poor, and it was poor for too long. Nature remembers the poverty, and she prefers to wait and see what would happen next, maybe next month, or next year, or next age. Nature keeps the stocks, she makes us deposit fat inside our bodies.

For better understanding please imagine you are in the Amazon forest right in the heart of Awa tribe kingdom. Who are these people? Actually, they are just like you and us, the only difference is in their life style, in habits and knowledge. Their life style may look unusual though it is complicated just like ours. And their knowledge is huge as well, though certainly it has nothing in common to our books, websites, and magazines. Awa are kids of Amazon, they do not accept modern civilization. Of course, there are some tourists from time to time, and there are oil companies that disturb Awa from time to time too. And some miles from their tribes are small towns of common people like we are, towns with cars and shops, schools and helicopters. Awa see it all and understand it their way. However, they keep their life style untouched, and their living is exactly as it was many hundred years ago.

Well, what did we see actually there in the Awa tribe village? We saw that everything is natural there, everything is made of organic materials and components. Especially food. There are no cans, boxes, or packs, the food is mostly alive, at least initially — live fruits, live fish, live meat, and even live roots.

No, we are not going to suggest to come back to forests and live there and become a wild tribe. No, this book is definitely not a naturopathy advert. We, the authors, are also typical urban dwellers, we cannot imaging our life without supermarkets and italian restaurants, without a good strong Ford in garage and a large Panasonic TV in the room. Nevertheless, once visiting the Awa tribe, we understood quite a bunch of truly important things, and we found obvious explanations of questions we could not answer being in the huge city we are staying at the moment.

The truth is that living in the tribe was just like traveling in a time machine. We found ourselves as if we were on the Earth some ten thousand years ago. And we saw the very beginning state of human nutrition. Why it was so substantial? Because there in the big tribe we could see no one person with excess weight, no one who would need a diet or exercises or any other measures to burn fat. On the other hand, we could see no thin or too skinny people there. All the tribe members, and this must be emphasized, all those people were ideally formed and looked terrific. Their muscles were not too athletic, though they were exactly the muscles those people needed there in the jungle. All the Awa, both men and women, had their normal nice looking forms, the real human forms indeed.

Beside that, we were really glad to see that the Awa were rather… lazy. They would spend hours in the shadows swinging slowly in hammocks. They love to sleep. In fact, they sleep anytime they want to. And as far as we could see, they eat anytime they think is good for lunch. Shortly, they are free people, as free as almost nobody in our civilized world is able to afford.

Here we must add an important point: the Amazon forest is actually a sort of … wild fruit garden. At least there near the Putumayo river. We saw that roughly each 50th tree was a fruit tree. And there were berries and mushrooms too. And additionally, Awa people know plenty of plants with sweet eatable roots, leaves, and flowers. To Awa the forest is just like a house full of food. No wonder, their nutrition is generally vegetarian. Because obtaining fruits is easier than obtaining a bird, for instance. Though of course, Awa are not vegans. They love hunting monkeys, and they are great fishermen too.

However, wild forest people eat less animal food in compare to us ‘cultured’ people. According to our research and calculations, Awa’s national cuisine contains more than 80% of vegetarian products and about 15% of fish / meat / bird. Our friend, a good nutritionist confirmed that this is virtually the ideal balance, and the 85/15 rate is exactly the proportion that both FDA and WHO recommend as a healthy nutrition. That is interesting, because Awa have not the slightest idea what these respectable organizations are 🙂

Is this the solution? Is that 85/15 nutrition rule able to save us from excessive pounds of weight? Unfortunately, not.

We have quite a bunch of documentary proofs that even this really golden proportion does not work properly (in the terms of fat depositing). More than that, once we did a long-term vegan experiment ourselves. And the experiment gave us absolutely obvious results.

Shortly speaking, one of us, personally Alex, decided to become a 100% vegan. He did that just for the experiment that lasted exactly one year…

To read more and get the scientifically based method of Passive Weight Loss to lose weight gradually and automatically without exercises, diets, and pills, download the book, and additionally get 3 other important books for free.

the offer includes 3 other books.

To get rid of the excessive weight, become slim and look stunningly gorgeous is not a miracle if you know this simple secret of your body. If you know it you control it. And fortunately, it does not require anything additionally. The Crucial Secret of Fat is a result of a big scientific research, but in fact, as it is disclosed and described in the book, the result of the Secret is just a rule that is easy to apply and follow, and it doesn’t change your life style: you may consume same calories, you need no diets, no pills, no exercises, but at the same time the secret works automatically and you lose weight, and gradually you get your new excellent body. It is just science, biochemistry, and we managed to explain it there in the book quite clearly without formulas, with no charts or scientific language. It is amazingly simple and amazingly powerful. And now it helps many people to solve their weight problems completely. The research gave us an extraordinary result. Today, after downloading the book, you also get that result in your possession.
We are proud to repeat it: the Secret works, the method is successful.

Today we are working on a new big substantial scientific research that will help people become much healthier. Buying the “Crucial Secret of Fat” book you will be registered in our list of Very Important Persons, and the moment the new research is completed you will be The First to receive our detailed report and description of the research with all its results.

.Thank you for your generous support!

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Click here to get Health and Weight at discounted price while it’s still available…

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Health and Weight is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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