This clock in downtown Prague was installed in 1410 and has been ticking for over six centuries

This clock in downtown Prague was installed in 1410 and has been ticking for over six centuries

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  1. Hey I stayed across the street from that thing. It was really cool to see.

    The bad part is Hari krishnas (or something similar) would come through at the crack of noon every day banging on their fucking drums.

    This is Prague! Don’t they realize people have hangovers!?

    Cool city though. A++++ would recommend.

  2. Legend goes that the creator was blinded so no one would be able to make another one like it, which IMO is a huge dick move. He then through a wrench in it or some shit and no one was able to get it to work for 100 years which is completely justified on his part.

  3. The story goes that the man who made this clock was a genius of his time. He was so good that the king invited him to the palace and threw him a huge party. they got him so drunk that he had to be escorted home at which point one of the soldiers took a fire poker from the fire and blinded the maker and cut out his tongue. The king didn’t want any other town to get a clock that amazing so people would have to go to Prague to see it. So in vengeance that clock maker took out a single piece of the clock and threw it in the river and it took the city decades before they found someone who could make it work again. Or at least that’s what I remember from the excellent Australian tour guide (free walking tours in Prague are great by the way )

  4. Actually a little research reveals that this clock, which is in whole called the Orloj, has stopped ticking several times throughout history, and needed repair.

    For example, in 1552 it was repaired, and many times after that it stopped working and needed repair. In fact for much of it’s history throughout the 17th-19th centuries it wasn’t in service and they could only get it working for several weeks at a time. It was only until 1865 when it was made fully functional by some brilliant minds.

    Notably in 1945 towards the end of WWII, the Czech resistance fought against the occupying Germans in what is known as the Prague uprising. The tower that boasts this beautiful clockwork was damaged severely by artillery fire and fire grenades from the Nazis aiming to take the building down. So a complete restoration occurred in 1948 in order for the gorgeous Orloj to be preserved through hard times. (Source:

    TLDR: that title is a lie, but the clock is still a historic gem.

  5. … Which is one of the least interesting parts about it. It’s much more interesting if you learn to read the astronomical clock – gives really cool information that needs to be calculated like sunset and sunrise and the stage of the moon, as well as the time in 3 different ways of measuring it.

  6. Saw this when it was exhibited in NY. Not as impressive in person and given that it would have had to have been taken down and shipped to NY, it probably hasn’t been ticking since the 14th century

  7. Saw this in person, an amazing machine to be sure. Prague is one of the coolest cities I have ever visited as well. In fact it’s so cool that when I went there as a teenager I got lost in the twisty streets and met this Czech chick who wound up taking my virginity that night. A wonderful country!

  8. I’ve got the strangest feeling I’ve stood in front of it once, long ago, but I don’t remember being sent to Prague. The company I used to work for sent me all over the place, but I honestly don’t remember Prague.

  9. Our tour guide said the c lock maker was bi blinded by the king so no other City could have him make them a clock.

    Also that the bonded and engaged clock maker went in and smashed it up a bunch.

  10. Went there in january last year in the snow with my partner, it’s a magical place at night! Hot chocolate is a must and there’s a mexican hidden away nearby that’s amazing!

  11. I sat in front of this clock for hours watching people gather for it to strike while I ate the most amazing ice cream and drank the best beer, all for a price might I add but it was worth it for the crowds at least. That and it was so hot we couldn’t move

  12. When I was there some a-hole had stuck a sticker on the astronomical clock that was about the size of a baseball right down there at 6:00 on the bottom piece. It was at least a two-person job. I should probably spend some time and pS it out.

    What a great place. We talk about going back quite often.

  13. It looks like an ancient Pokemon will be awakened when it strikes 12 at 1000 years. Or is part of some ancient mysterious cult that hid some ancient treasures. Or would be a great place for a date.

  14. That has nothing to do with Windows however. You can do likewise to a Linux framework. You can do likewise to any framework with a decoded document framework where the client can simply boot any product.

  15. It’s easy to keep marvels like this intact, if you behave like the Czechs (surrender to anyone who tries to attack you).

    I’m not judging, it proved to be a good strategy.

  16. I was reading the Wikipedia on the clock while we were there and it’s actually super interesting. Like many other in the area it’s an astronomical clock and tells you heaps of information about the sun and moon movements of etc. Very clever.

  17. The Prague astronomical clock is in what is known as the *Old Town* rather than “Down Town”.

    We visited Prague 10 years ago and the the old town is amazing. Although can’t say the same for the new town. For any Europeans looking to visit, you may be a little underwhelmed as the new town looks just like any other European city with the same coffee shops and clothing outlets. Plus the old town is waaaayyy cheaper.

This clock in downtown Prague was installed in 1410 and has been ticking for over six centuries

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